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Healthy Solutions: Simple steps to health, wealth and living well!
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As busy parents raising two young boys, our personal issues were not a top priority. However one day we realized that we were dealing with sinusitis, allergy and arthritis issues. Both of us were taking this pill or that, and being told to go for allergy shots on a weekly basis. Who had time for that???? 

It was time to take control of our health. Through research, trial, and error, we discovered that living a life of good health was not as hard as most thought. Good healthy foods and natural supplements made sense. Integrating them into our daily routine made a huge difference in our lives. This course of action led us to Shaklee and we discovered Shaklee Products; their purity, integrity, and clinical research could not be matched.

Since then our health issues have been minimal and controlled. Our children rarely missed school due to colds or flu, and have now grown into healthy, vibrant, young adults. And we've had FUN together all these years thanks to good health and Shaklee products.

In 1998 we became Shaklee Associates and have since been enjoying the benefits of a Shaklee Lifestyle. Our part time business gives us the opportunity to share the health and wealth benefits of Shaklee with others, and to spread our belief to "Change your thinking to change your life." (It's really not that hard! Let us show you how!)